Month: January 2018

Understanding Credit

The credit card is a popular method of payment. Both at gas stations, restaurants and in shops this card is gladly accepted. Another advantage is that it creates can be paid easily on the Internet. By entering the card number and validity period, goods can be paid. This has advantages for both the customer and Read More

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

EP Scientific American have demonstrated that it is due to a failure in the recycling system of proteins in neurons of the spinal cord and the brain. This discovery, published in the journal Nature, provides an objective common to drug therapy. The finding could also help in the fight against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and Read More


The present communication, has the pretension, to offer a tentative outline of context to approach when Bolivian occurring. Year 1987 ran, and we were led the elaboration of a bibliographical investigation on a railway runner to establish, using the existing infrastructure, between the Argentine Northwest, the Bolivian plateau and the Peruvian south. To those aims Read More

Internet Explorer

Nearly a year ago, I decided to stop being a user of Microsoft Windows, to install a new operating system on my computer, GNU / Linux, Mandriva, this was the first free operating system that you use after more than 12 years using Windows. That’s what led me to Linux?; Easy because a good friend Read More

Black River

For terms an idea of this fast process, up to 1870 Manaus, known as Bar of the Black River, was dependent of Belm. To read more click here: Yitzhak Mirilashvili. In this period these two capitals, Belm and Manaus, had friendly economic relations. Later it has great investments in Manaus and start one ' ' Read More

Perestroika Gorbachev

There is much talk of poverty for decades. The Catholic Church in his encyclicals and the document of Puebla, made a preferential option for the poor and economists often speak of a Third World, poor countries, noting that these are the Latin America and not wrong. But because there is or has been so much Read More

Best Software

Never before has provided both management of medium auto repair shops and small, with the advent of computer programs specially designed for this purpose, these tools allow you to control a very easy and efficient administration of the workshop all eliminating the need to invest much time on tedious tasks and engaging in truly productive Read More

Solvent Extractors Association

There is no denying that the holding of the land on this planet has been excessive in recent years in favor of encouraging economic scenarios that favor countries with a high economy and those who want to escape poverty, start either developing new economic openings, partnerships, generating great concern low social cost, effects of pollution, Read More


One of the important aspects in life, and that gives much tranquillity and improves self esteem is having a good job, to which we are witnessing normally 48 hours a week and the sacred salary/wage/remuneration comes to us. Magic moment in which we see as our savings account appears with good numbers and that equally Read More

How To Make Money Online

Actually there are several ways and means to achieve this but … How do I earn money online with little or no money in hand? Can you really make money online for free? How I can make money on the Internet … These are questions that many people would love to know the answers to Read More

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