Making Your Money Work for You

There is a wide spectrum of ways to relate to your hard earned dollars. One prevalent philosophy is what I like to call the allergic reaction to money syndrome. This idea says that as soon as some money comes into a person’s possession it is immediately disposed of. All the money is spent, and there is nothing left for the future. You can also call this the YOLO philosophy. Since we only live once, and we don’t know when we will be called to the next world, we might as well have all the fun we can now, and not worry about a future that can easily never arrive. This is a kind of hedonistic idea which works only if the person has no goals, aspirations, or intention of living to a ripe old age.

On the other end of the spectrum are those that work hard, long hours and barely have time left over to say good morning to their children or spouses. All the money is hoarded into savings accounts, mutual funds, stocks, annuities and the like, and never spent while the person is young enough to still enjoy his family and friends. Yes, he will have a great retirement, but his entire adulthood was spent with his nose to the grindstone. It seems a pity.

Well there is a middle ground, which will be the subject of the articles and blog posts about to come your way on this site. If you can get your money to work for you, you can enjoy life your whole life, not just when you are old and grey.