Sterling area

The sterling area: the area sterling current (2007) came out after 1972 (Ireland only) was released in 1972 came out before 1972Sterling area sterling area or refers to a group of countries, often former dominions and colonies of the British Empire (and the British Commonwealth of Nations) that use the pound sterling as its currency, Read More

Banamex faces former

Banamex faces former allies Pripanismo: love and hate defender Enrique Galvan Ochoa Customer in a communique broadcast by the Fox back in October 2007, the boquiflojo who had become president a year before Beltrones claimed that the senator “has a record in the DEA related to drug trafficking. ” Care not to mention other consisting Read More

Global cities in 2008

In October 2008, Foreign Policy magazine, in conjunction with the consulting firm A. T. Kearney and the Chicago Co-Chair of Asset Management Group LLC Council on Global Affairs, a public ranking of global cities, based on investment banking consultation with Saskia Sassen, Witold Rybczynski, among others. The leading Barton Place next to Zilker Park and Read More

Regional elections in Colombia, 2007

(Redirected from regional elections in Colombia (2007))On October 28, 2007 elections were held in Colombia in order to choose the posts of governors for the 32 departments, Members of the departmental assemblies, mayors of municipalities 1099, local officials and elected representatives of local administrative boards.The preparation of the elections and the electoral campaign was conducted Read More

Chapter I: Ilusion, unlimited hope and optimism

As the main antecedent of the stock crisis, Galbraith’s spectacular development located in the housing market in Florida (USA), especially after 1925. Thus, Galbraith mentions the participation of Carlo Ponzi, known creator of the scheme that bears his name (a type of pyramid scam economica) on sale of land near Jacksonville (Florida).Galbraith extends this overview Read More

Investment Banking

Investment banking or banking business that is specialized in obtaining, for private companies and governments, the money or the financial instruments needed to make certain investments, through the issuance and sale of securities in the capital markets.Most banks offer investment advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and divisions and other financial services to customers such as Read More

Making Your Money Work for You

There is a wide spectrum of ways to relate to your hard earned dollars. One prevalent philosophy is what I like to call the allergic reaction to money syndrome. This idea says that as soon as some money comes into a person’s possession it is immediately disposed of. All the money is spent, and there Read More

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