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Agricultural Production

The main characteristics of the small production of the half-barren Brazilian are: introduction of industrialization in agriculture, predominance of familiar agriculture subutilizao of the agricultural space, predominance of the production of agricultural sorts destined to the subsistence. For more specific information, check out Andrew Cuomo. Familiar agriculture if configures as an activity practised for agriculturists Read More

Blogueiro Day

All had been convoked for the meeting and most strange than it could seem, had been only the men, the email said thus: Prezados, I convoke all for a meeting to deal with subject of interest of all. Place: 5 to walk final of the corridor 2 carries the right. Schedule: 15:00 hours. The presence Read More

Unfamiliarity Decision

Many companies currently are divided hierarchically based in the centralization of the power. This trend has persisted in the corporative ways, and same in full century 21 it can yourself be noticed clearly a traditional vision and an autocratic administration on the part of the directors and executives. In this configuration centered of being able Read More

The Quadrimestre

If, necessary it was, the new management would catch loans to supply any dficits of box. – Politics of RH Leading in consideration that the number of machines would increase e, with this, the work of the employees of the company also; the new management defined that it would have necessity to stimulate the Read More

The Leader

The taking of decisions becomes less rational, therefore, these includes the search for evidences that apiem the beliefs, instead of denying them, the aiding of recent information, more easily remembered, on previous information, the trend to see a effect causal enters two 0 variable that can simply be correlatas, the power of the optimistical thought Read More

Gradual Changes

According to Vergara (2005, p.74) it has people that, the spite to occupy positions of commands, does not exert leadership. The maximum that obtains is to be obeyed for coercion, or particular interests of the people to who it commands. According to Chiavenato (2004, p.72). ' ' The organizacional strategy cannot be only in the Read More

Half Organizations

Research of F.E. Emery and E.L. Trist: on the ambient contexts and its consequncias for the organizations. They looked for to identify to the process and the reactions that occur in the environment as a whole, in the direction to classify the nature of the environment that surrounds the organization and the consequncias of the Read More

Essential Abilities

Summary This article is on the Paper of the Producer and its abilities nowadays Producing word-key and Essential Abilities 1. PRESENTATION The present work demonstrates the Paper of the Producer in a process which we could call ideal model, management of a group with motivation, you influence positive, confidence, excellent remuneration, chances, quality of life Read More

ISO Customers

Models, such as TQM (Management of the Total Quality); QFD (Unfolding of Function Quality); ISO (International Organization for Standardization); TPM (Total Productive Maintenance, or ' ' Productive maintenance Total' '), they start to be part of day-by-day of the companies who search by means of the management of the quality a competitive advantage. All these Read More

Maintenance Source

When it is said in costs, the companies if they worry due budgetary problems of each sector. Being thus it is necessary to execute a good preventive maintenance and to create a routine, that at the same time will go to provide longer life to the vehicle with one better performance and a useful life Read More