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Car Sales Market

There are currently difficult to imagine actually trying to imagine a member of society who have lived in the village and at the same time never wanted to go to his car. Generally speaking, it topically and for rural inhabitants, and yet the most – directly to residents of metropolis, which is why this group Read More

Company Intelligence Service ODO

Until the end of 2010 is slightly less than two months, and we can observe a tendency in the current period of "intelligence service", the largest supplier of auto parts UAZ and ZMZ in Belarus. 2009 was a crisis and this affected the overall sales of spare parts in the company – in comparison with Read More

Car Company Nissan Service

Do you want to buy a car. This is a serious matter, and before buying you will need to undertake a comprehensive study of auto suggestions. Undisputed leaders of sales are cars Japanese manufacturers, among which one of the leading roles played by the company Nissan. Let's talk, whether the acquisition of Nissan any advantages. Read More