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French Manicure With LCN

Oestrich-Winkel, Germany, March 2010 art French manicure dating as the name already suggests the France of the 18th century. There, it was applied, the everyday dirt skillfully to hide under the white coloured nail tips. Today, this natural look of the nails is very popular, because it gives them a timeless classic look for everyday Read More

Autonomous University

Spanish scientists inserted microchips in embryos to reduce to zero the risk of transferring a patient an embryo made a mistake in a process of in vitro fertilization, the most used technique in the field of assisted reproduction. A team of Spanish researchers has succeeded in introducing a microchip in mouse embryos to prevent errors Read More

Tanning Beds: A Brief Introduction

You look great, work every day and have a fit body. Beyond that, you crave for that golden bronze look, the look that would send the opposite sex in a nervous. Well, in that case, let me welcome you to the wonderful world of products of the tanning bed. Read on to learn more about Read More

GMT Friday

How does Forex foreign currency transactions are not centralized on an exchange, unlike say the NYSE, and thus take place all over the world via telecommunications. Trade is open 24 hours a day from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon (00:00 GMT on Monday at 10:00 pm GMT Friday). In the area almost every time in Read More


Dairy products, like any other food group, can be frozen. we explain how. It is important to freeze quality products and do it gradually. The milk consumed at home is free of pathogens and is considered a safe and quality product. But if contaminated, either by poor maintenance or because it exceeds the expiry date Read More