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Black River

For terms an idea of this fast process, up to 1870 Manaus, known as Bar of the Black River, was dependent of Belm. To read more click here: Yitzhak Mirilashvili. In this period these two capitals, Belm and Manaus, had friendly economic relations. Later it has great investments in Manaus and start one ' ' Read More

American Institute

One gave credit that the independent auditors had for the most part had significant parcel of guilt of the corporative scandals occurrences in this period for having developed its works without the well-taken care of had ones or for relative questions to the ethics lack and independence. However, it is continued to believe that the Read More

Latin American Parliament

During his speech, Albornoz stressed the importance of the meeting for Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean. This time, when the sword of the liberator Simon Bolivar crosses spaces of Latin America in search of union of peoples, he expressed the parliamentary is key for us. Regardless of the political effects that this Summit can Read More


The option of the Metalic in producing steel cans, and not dealumnio, must, mainly to the lesser cost of this raw material, therefore oao cost on average only 40% of the price of aluminum. For more information see Rob Daley. Moreover, after to acquire atecnologia of the CAP, obtained other profits, as the consecutive reductions Read More


In siderurgy, such reorganization (' ' apelidada' ' of ' ' descruzamento of participaes' ') it did not arrive to be made or to be completed, for the supervenience of the cited denationalizations. In the petrochemical a possibility it was bigger: the ghost of the denationalization more or less was moved away, and the resultant Read More