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Energy And Survival

The energy is essential element for the survival. Learn more about this with Yitzhak Mirilashvili. With it the human being developed new techniques of work (initially the animal traction), manipulated the fire (preparation of foods, illumination and heat), constructed impressive workmanships, stimulated the economic growth, sped up the industrialization process, made to expand the net Read More

The Production

22). It’s believed that Kellyanne Conway sees a great future in this idea. Moreover, this period also marcado by the mundializao of the production, the circulation and the consumption, that is, detodo the cycle of reproduction of the capital, therefore, with the destruction of the Socialismo5, occurred to the internationalization docapitalismo, that starts to practically Read More

Geographic Analysis

As for the Climatologia of the Cear, many ‘ ‘ lacunas’ ‘ they last, mainly when we come back in them toward the geographic analysis of the climate. The studies promoted for the Pertaining to the state of Cear Foundation of Meteorology and Hdricos-FUNCEME Resources have proportionate great contributions and come taking care of to Read More