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Roman Empire

After the fall of the Roman Empire, invasions are succeeded, want the Germanics in 500 d.C., want the Arab in 714 d.C. In this period it About Moura was constructed, circular wall whose walls if extend until a edge of the Tejo. Next to the river the craftsmen would place themselves, fishing and the traders. Read More


From this Portugal moment an occupation formula started the search that at the same time was income-producing its safes, then enters in scene ' ' The sugar as soluo' '. Commerce this that made use of market and high prices, therefore, ' ' The choice of the sugar was (…) justifiable at the moment where Read More

Historical Documentation

He is funny as we, Brazilians, are unaware of the History of our continent. We are so different of our neighboring brothers who seem that we are in another region of the world. In contrast to us, the too much South-american countries and Central office had had a relatively homogeneous process of independence and with Read More

Brazil Form

For these intellectuals some factors are these that characterize and they assist in them to understanding of the development of the Brazilian urbanization and its social formation since the settling to the current days, in order to contribute to perceive as our society if developed throughout these quarrels. Brazilian urbanism had beginning profncuo with the Read More

Device Castle

The objective of this research will be To understand as the sugar economy helped in the economic and cultural development in the city of Luzia Saint of the Itanhi in century XIX, with the Device Castle, and to identify as the actions carried through for this device they had benefited the city of Luzia Saint, Read More