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Happy people remember more positive events that actually happened and forget more than negative events Dr. More info: Western Union. Martin E.P. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili describes an additional similar source. Seligman as result of an extensive search about true happiness, psychologist Maritn E.P. Seligman reached interesting conclusions and one of them is that people with a Read More

Personal Trainer

It is the order of the day that every time there are more people making sport but there is also a growing trend of people fleeing from the overcrowding and gyms and looking to do sports in a more controlled manner, with training sessions more effective and above all a more personalized attention. In my Read More

Second Hand Car

When we have children every day we strive to give the best and even meet them with what we could not have in our adolescence. So when they reach the age of majority they begin orders especially when they managed a scholarship to enter the best University and the majority of these orders is usually Read More

Vote Freedom

JOSE BRECHNER is contradictory, while Communist countries embrace capitalism and freedom, those who live in freedom seeking embrace communism. Capitalism and freedom go hand in hand. You cannot have economic freedom without individual or collective freedom. The premise is unquestionable: no economic system in history has given as much freedom as modern capitalism. Only free Read More

The Council

Among his notes he brought a copy of a kind of birth certificate, he was signed by Eduardo Balderas, a Mexican, Patriarch of New Mexico, which in the year 1967 in the city of Montevideo, confirmed the lineage and particular involvement in the Council of the heavens, before that time is time, and then in Read More