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Daniel Ziska

Some States, such as Germany, taxing the enrichment the heirs. Other countries, including Great Britain, the estate as such. In addition States – build on regardless of the heir or testator – the assets”, explains Steuerberater Ziska of Berlin GPC tax. “Independent heirs of deceased transferred assets of inheritance tax may apply on that, if Read More

When And Why The IRS Led A Tax Audit

Steuerberater Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg informed the tax audit is used to determine of the tax situation of the taxpayer. This applies to both large, medium, small and micro-enterprises, traders, freelancers as well as private individuals. Those must undergo circumstances and from time to time a tax audit, which is arranged by the competent tax Read More

Commercial ABC

Business license for providing the loan advanced from Brussels comes a new policy that will govern only lending to consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises, which are secured by a mortgage or a commonly-used security. The proposal for a directive on credit agreements for residential real estate is at the level of the European Union Read More