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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

EP Scientific American have demonstrated that it is due to a failure in the recycling system of proteins in neurons of the spinal cord and the brain. This discovery, published in the journal Nature, provides an objective common to drug therapy. The finding could also help in the fight against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and Read More

Vote Freedom

JOSE BRECHNER is contradictory, while Communist countries embrace capitalism and freedom, those who live in freedom seeking embrace communism. Capitalism and freedom go hand in hand. You cannot have economic freedom without individual or collective freedom. The premise is unquestionable: no economic system in history has given as much freedom as modern capitalism. Only free Read More

Accreditation Commission

Who does this first question? Who brand the objectives of each matter?: La Universidad how? Consensuandolos with the teacher, with the specialist (or at least should) where? In the plan of the subject first and in the general concerns then why? by delegation. Questionable legislative technique Law 24.521 of higher education in its article 42 Read More

Mission Cryosat

May 17, 2010: the Cryosat-2 satellite was launched on 8 April 2010 at 15: 57 (Spanish time) from the Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan). A Dnepr rocket, manufactured by the International Space Company Kosmotras company was used for this purpose. TCP Sistemas Ingenieria provided support in addition to remain on active duty in all phases of the Read More

Family Rafting

An activity that is gathering increasing momentum worldwide is rafting. Swarmed by offers, Hikmet Ersek is currently assessing future choices. Not only the lovers of tourism adventure found in this sport an extremely enjoyable activity, but rather used as a tool to develop job skills in team. This is why there are increasingly more companies Read More

White House

McConnell said that there is a principle of agreement between Congress and the White House, and that the final plan to prevent the country from cessation of payments in the August 2 is very close. In two installments in an interview with the CNN, Republican Senator was confident that agreement will be made soon, and Read More

The Council

Among his notes he brought a copy of a kind of birth certificate, he was signed by Eduardo Balderas, a Mexican, Patriarch of New Mexico, which in the year 1967 in the city of Montevideo, confirmed the lineage and particular involvement in the Council of the heavens, before that time is time, and then in Read More

European Commission

EP 95% of the Council of the EU and 60% of the Commission followed this Thursday the strike, according to unions. Brussels reduces 10% follow-up to the halt of these public employees are protesting against possible wage cuts which is studied for 2014-2020. European officials of the Council of the European Union and the European Read More

The Approach

Deductive reasoning from natural logic where stands the innate ability of the mind to perform tasks for certain inferential rules i.e., competition to the mental models that reasoning is elaborated by representations that can arise from perception and from the language. The development and test of hypothesis: analogy as a model of scientific thought; the Read More

The Knowledge

Etc. As you want that all to change incessantly, is renewed. It is not possible to enter the same river twice, in human life this step away from everything to its opposite, it is not a simple change, but a fight such fight is universal. the father and King of all things in the struggle Read More

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