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Building Wealth

If you can make money and build wealth with happiness. You can not even believe what happens to your life. It's not even your focus, it's part of what you will enjoy in life. And you will be do this by bringing value to the lives of others. Because the only way to create money Read More

False Freedom

From the time in which our peoples have been freedoms of tyrants until now believe live being free, free from tyrants, some Yes, but free of thoughts and actions remains to be seen. Is one of the most widespread modes of enslavement television, many spend hours in front of a television? You realize the passive Read More

Achievement Test

This is also reflected in the formulation of specific tasks and tests of another type. For example, the Achievement Test in Russian language may contain task: 'Underline the answer, which correctly stated the number of words in this sentence: When the holidays come? "A) 5 b) 2 c) 4 d) 3. In a test of Read More

The Proposal

The justification is the reason that the research must be made and the objectives are what it is intended with the inquiry. In the methodology she is necessary a formal description of the methods and used techniques and also the carried through readings. The main elements of the methodology are: definition of the sampling, collects Read More

Survival of Reproduction

The evolutivo success of an individual does not only depend on its abilities of survival or reproduction, but also of the production of descendants who arrive at the adult life and if they reproduce. In the case of the Homo sort, as generally only one youngling for offspring was born, the parental investment if became Read More