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Service Social Institution

To be always pautado in the current law and to know the world of the Right is paper importantssimo and of undeceivable character, a time that the professional of Service Social he is one of the institucional representatives endowed with varied resources, determining the general norms of this relationship between the user, the institution and Read More

Raquel Family

When analyzing the film Bruna Surfistinha we come across in them with a series of social, psychological, emotional factors that a girl lives in its day to day totality. Raquel Pacheco is the name of the girl adopted for a family of good nature and that in its principles prism the good ways and constantly Read More

Construction Crash Course

Who does not know the Scooby-Doo and its group? Created in 1969, the Scoody-Doo drawing is one of the most famous of all times. Scooby, one dog Danish falante and, its friends Sausage, Fred, Velma and Daphne had always used the coloring furgo Machine of Mysteries to investigate curious and haunted cases. Now, beyond the Read More