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Health Law Passed

Massive attacks under the guise of reform Congress approved President Barack Obama’s health care reform. She is praised by many pages as the biggest social reform for generations. After months of negotiations behind closed doors with the boards of insurance and drug companies, Obama raised the absurd assertion, the reform come \”from below\”. Actually, the Read More

The Republic Of San Marino

Former head of state Gian Franco Terenzi elected President. Norbert Knoll by Shakeel, Austria, appointed General Secretary actions for crises prevention and development of small and medium enterprises – SMEs currency transaction levy as a source for micro financing of SMEs in developing countries of delegates of SMEs supporting organisations from more than 50 countries Read More

Swiss Ambassador Christian MacPherson

Swiss Ambassador in Hungary: EU accession of Switzerland still far in the distance. Undivided praise for the creation of a world Organization of SME support institutions in his presentation before Hungarian entrepreneurs, professionals, academics and students in the “new show” in Budapest (Hausherr Parliament – Vice President Peter Harrach) on February 11, 2010, the Swiss Read More