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The present communication, has the pretension, to offer a tentative outline of context to approach when Bolivian occurring. Year 1987 ran, and we were led the elaboration of a bibliographical investigation on a railway runner to establish, using the existing infrastructure, between the Argentine Northwest, the Bolivian plateau and the Peruvian south. To those aims Read More

European Unin

Integration facilitates the interchange of goods and services thus is clear that the existence of the right of integration must be stimulated to improve the market which as much lack it does in the Peruvian right. The right of integration is of much utility for conformacin of econmicos blocks conformed by several states like for Read More

Mexico Migrant

The situation and the conditions of life in which the Mexicans in the United States live migrant are enough interesting ones. By practical aims, we will divide in three areas (politician, social and economic) the style of life of the migrant ones. Economically speaking, the migrant ones have managed to progress significantly. As much in Read More


2. It extends his present business If you already have a business, you can extend it by means of the use of a Web site and thus to initiate the presence of its business online. If its company has its own page Web, their clients can connect themselves in line to obtain more data about Read More

Base and Crunch oh Yeah and Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs, Crunchbase says: Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services. In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in Read More