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Excel Courses

There is no doubt that the internet already occupies big spaces within our everyday lives, in the same way that online courses have come to be a great instrument for access to learning and expertise in areas of diverse nature. For people who like to be in constant educational or personal growth, learning new things Read More


Cartagema de Indias a place magical, tranquil and beautiful to go on vacation. If you are considering a destination for your next vacation, in family, couples or solo, include Cartagena within their options. Since a few years ago has become a destination increasingly demanded by national and foreign, not just for its climate year-round warm Read More

Understanding Women

Define otherness, involves awareness with themselves and with the environment. Every day women repair those instants of life, those challenges that come us from the front, as if it were cold morning air. Mircea Eliade, points out a constant in societies that become aware of their identity: for each one of them there is always Read More