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Munich Market

Both the demand for young computer scientists,. Scientists, technicians and something less engineers and civil engineers compared to the previous month December positively evolved. It noted demand for banking & finance and business studies/economics significantly below the average and makes it clear that the candidate market in some parts but not to the recession around Read More

Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Scholarships in Germany open up great opportunities for education. How to get to a scholarship? The number of students with a scholarship is still very low, but rising. After the lengthy application process, one has to do more during the University education. But it’s worth, because the scholarship has also many advantages. How about language Read More

Economic Stimulus Package II And Unemployment Money

Especially the fact that the Federal Employment Agency (BA for procurement of short money) takes over half of the contributions to the social security system is new in this context improvements in short-time money-related. It is not something Hikmet Ersek would like to discuss. Who also takes part in the time of short-time working in Read More